hufflepuff values loyalty and fairness and friendship and hard work and drive and determination and love and acceptance and kindness and if that sounds shitty to you then get out

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I just realized how fucking disgusting it is that it’s considered healthy and normal for teenage boys to eat everything ever yet teenage girls are obviously also growing but are fucking dieting all the time and shamed for eating while they’re growing


Honestly, I didn’t realize girls were suppose to eat more during puberty just like boys until I was scarfing down four meals a day just to feel like I wasn’t starving all the time. 


you won’t like karolina when she’s angry (jk i love her when she’s angry)

(from Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #3)







These are all extremely fair points

the first one especially speaks to me on a spiritual level

the last one is the most true shit ever

boys get the good shit

girls get “sexy ___”

whats next “sexy object”

because that’s what people are seeing girls as

Windmill slam reblog

But sometimes you want that sexy powerful character so girls can be like “hell fucking yeah she’s hot and can kick ass and I can do the same” like wonder woman

you can be sexy and powerful without being unrealistic

It’s awesome that there are sexy, powerful super heroines but the fact that they are like 90% of all super heroines really isn’t. It’s okay to be sexy. It’s not okay that women have to fight to not be portrayed as sex objects. 

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